Buffalo Lawn Care Tips

These are the basic buffalo lawn care tips which all owners of a Soft Buffalo lawn should follow to keep their lawns in the best condition possible.

These are the foundations of lawn care for all Buffalo lawn types including Sir Walter, Palmetto, Shademaster, Sapphire, Matilda and so on. Should the

lawn encounter any other turf problems, then further research and remedies will need to be undertaken to correct any other issues.

Buffalo Lawn Fertilising

Your Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn will require a good quality, year round fertilising program in order to keep looking at it's best. Without this lawn care,

care, a Soft Buffalo lawn can lose it's colour, health and vitality. Fertilise every two months with a good quality lawn fertiliser at manufacturers

recommended application rates. Do not apply more fertiliser than recommended as this can damage the lawn. Purchase a high quality fertiliser from a local

fertiliser manufacturer in your State, ensure the fertiliser includes Trace Elements, and switch to a Winter fertiliser for applications in May and July.

There is no need to purchase specific Buffalo lawn fertilisers as these are often expensive and will give no more benefit to your Buffalo lawn.

Buffalo Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is vital to the health of Buffalo grass. This will keep the lawn from developing too much thatch, will reduce any risk of scalping and

damaging the lawn, will slow the Buffalo runners from creeping into surrounding gardens, and promote more green leaf growth - resulting in a more lush Soft

Buffalo lawn. For some of the faster growing Buffalo lawn types such as Sir Walter, lawn mowing may need to done weekly during the active growing season of

the year. The very best results and nicest Soft Buffalo lawns will always be achieved when Buffalo lawns are cut at recommended heights of between 35-65mm.

Buffalo Lawn
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